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Cultural awareness and tradition play a crucial role in young children developing a positive sense of identity and building self-esteem. Studies show that cultural praise and awareness contribute to creating a positive self-image.

Possibly due to its sociological form, children in different cultures play differently due to the difference in language, reference and social standards. As we are more and more busy nowadays, small family with single children and younger siblings, we need to reflect and recreate the magic of growing up in innocent times by strengthening our imaginations.

This is why the corona virus pandemic affects children the most. Their growth can't wait so we need to track them. We need to care for their peaceful minds, their thinking and the way they see themselves.Kilkari is a small initiative that can help children connect with themselves, embrace their identity, gain confidence, enhance ethics and more. I hope parents will cooperate for their children's development and have fun together.

I hope I get some positive feedback here. Share with your family and friends and will slowly start growing with your contribution and help. Lest Do something for a better tomorrow . It is a division Of My Work By Krati Vyas