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Why Do You Need a UX Researcher on Your Team

User experience research works closely with User experience designers. Both Research and designers try to understand how the users collaborate, communicate, create impact, relate and understand. The User experience researcher work on this so that he or she can work closely with the designers to translate these experiences into intuitive products. 

To work on any new product prime duty for UX Researchers is to start the series of research studies. Starting from the prototype, doing some experiments and getting feedback for the same. These series of studies help both the UX Researcher and the Designers to go through the learning process in their entire journey. Specifically to work on any project we should have a clear perception of what we have to do and what are the key values of it. And once the product is ready with the design then key engineers assign to this for building the product. 

A user experience researcher works just not with a team of designers , focusing on the problem domain and how we need to solve these problems, but also collaborates with product owners and always focuses on the importance of what are the problems that we are going to solve. Specially what value a particular project or feature is, so how does that bring value to the overall experience. In simple language it's like " Connecting The Dots " and to have users as the Main character of the story.

It is very important for UX Designer to look closely for the user experience research. As we have user experience researchers for that purpose it is important to look after the research techniques. A well designed product or websites or applications need a clear and easy UI for user attention. But somehow there are different companies or we can say in huge projects sometimes developers fail to adhere to the best UI practices. May be the flaws are unintentional but user interaction designs are very important and a matter of concern for different companies.

When I was looking for UX researcher internship , I came across many websites where some important functionality is not working or maybe the testing is not entirely performed. And surprisingly  companies like Meesho, Glassdoor , Google, Uber , Microsoft etc have some UI flaws in their websites. In my coming articles I will be doing research on these websites highlighting the key issues and the area of improvements where these IT Giants have to look after their UI experiences and the ease of usability for users.



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