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Uber , Let your testers and developers know this

When companies are user driven their users are their responsibility and hence it is very important for any company to deliver intuitive User Interface designs to the users. When we talk about UX it's a prime responsibility to provide meaningful and relevant experience to our users. It is well known that a bad UX can be very dangerous either for your website or for your application. Being a UX researcher and a UI designer as well, I know that UX plays a huge role in engaging the users emotions while they are interacting with the products plays a vital role in the product's success.

In today's blog we will be talking about ubers UI for the career page. As I have already discussed in my previous blogs about the story of learning on the career page this is similar to that only.

Personally i like the uber app UI ,as it is very user friendly. No doubt the UX researchers and the designers who are working with uber are doing great and have built a very strong product. But seems there are very small points that are untouched that we are going to discuss here and his blog.

Did you see the user interface is just a simple and smooth UI for the career page to search the jobs with some easy categories like location teams sub teams and what are the offerings. Like you can observe that it's a masterpiece of very neat and clean UI with minimum colors.

Sometimes it happens that we as a product developers assume things neglecting what users see and experience while interacting with the product. Drawing different perspectives for different areas of the designs need to be explored while keeping in mind the problems that users may face while interacting with the product.

It may be a very small thing to point out in the drop down of job location , but small UI components make a difference, Same way the errors do. No matter how small or big it may be. An error is an error. Check this small error in the Uber Career Page

As you can see in the above image the dropdown is working properly when there is no download show at the bottom of the screen in the browser. But as soon as if I download something when it was visible at the download bar in the bottom the dropdown for the location turns upside-down, disrupting the UI of the entire page.

It is not a good sign for a proper UI. We have to look after each and every perspective so that a user may not face any problem while they are interacting with the product. 

For example in this case if a user has downloaded stuff and scrolls the location of his or her choice. A non-technical person is not aware about the functioning offer website. Users feel that why is it not working the way it should be. May be possible that it is not the thing iam talking about here in my blog , but “Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai” 

This is a very small yet very important thing for a visitor that they interact with a product which is error free. This is all for today

Hope the next time , whenever i explore ubers career page , this small thing is resolved

Krati Vyas (UX Researcher)




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