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Some points to remember looking out the Meesho career page

When we think about big companies the one thing that we create a perception about those companies is that " everything is perfect". Somehow we think if we are dealing with a company there is no chance of mistakes or errors , it seems everything is perfect. But it does not , as we talked about UI designs this is the first thing that attracts the user. Even if we talk about present Trend everyone is looking for User experience and user interaction as we know that a well-designed and structured UI conveys your business to the visitors eyes and encourage your visitors to land on your page and explore more if the site is well organized.

In this blog we will be talking about some UI corrections that meesho needs. I was looking for an internship as a UX Rearcher. For that purpose I landed on the career page of meesho. There I found things that need to be taken care, and after analyzing things it made me think to work with meesho but unfortunately they have rejected my application. After that I visited different other websites in search of internship. What i observed is that even big companies need good UX researchers , UI designers and even testers.

So let's talk about Meesho today. Meesho is a company that enables millions of small business to take a track online. Helping Indian shops to Grace their presence online helping them to get a virtual store and sell their stuff online without any Investments. They are growing with very fast pace. As it is a dedicated Indian business this is the thing that attracted me to apply for the same. So I visited the career page where i saw this

Did you notice something ? As a user the first thing that hit us is that, is my Internet working properly because I am not being able to see the correct UI. Isnt it ? Here we can see that the search bar overlaps the category tags. Once I thought maybe it is not showing properly in my laptop but seems it's an UI Error as I have checked it in my friend's laptop as well. Also when we scroll I don't know whether its a developer or designer who forget to add a white space when we scroll down the website when the section changes. See this

This is the only thing that I have analyzed in the website and I didn't explore any other page of Meesho's website. To the project managers , designers , developers or whosoever is concerned with the Meesho’s website , I wish they will take it as a serious concern because the career page is the one that your users visit first.

Even a small mistake can ruin the entire goodwill you have owned. I hope the next time I land on the career page I can see the corrections.

That's all for today. If anyone of you was reading this blog and found this worth sharing , it would be a great help to me as well as to the company who need to get that attention on their doings.


Note : May be it is working is some other laptop or everything is actually perfect. As iam not a profound research to target directly.  When I cross checked it in my another laptop I found it the same. Do let me know the feedbacks if its working.  I know the company is not going to take risk for their goodwill,  may be it's just my laptop in which the UI is not working. It's just a blog on what I came across.


Krati Vyas (UX Researcher)




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